Angel Reiki with Michelle Marie

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Angel Reiki with Michelle Marie

Benefits of Angel Reiki
•Enables you to connect with and experience the energy of your Guardian Angel, Angels and the Ascended Masters
•Accelerates and facilitates the body’s natural ability to heal
•Energizes both body, mind and soul
•Cleanses the body of poisons
•Loosens up blocked energy
•Promotes a state of total relaxation
•Brings harmony to the body by relieving physical and emotional blocks
•Heals the cause not the symptoms and eliminates the effects of imbalance
•Aids in maintaining a healthy balance of mind and body
•Brings clarity, focus and a sense of purpose
•Is completely safe for both the practitioner and the patient
•Can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment and therapy such as Homeopathy, Crystal Healing, Psychotherapy, Herbal Remedies, etc….

1 hour

$ 65.00

Reiki Class

Individual Reiki Classes:
Reiki I, ReikiII, and Reiki Master level
$125 each
Approx. 3 hours per class
Available by appointment

3 hours

$ 125.00

Healing attunement w/ aura clearing

Healing attunement w/ aura clearing = $75

1 hour

$ 75.00 IconPowered by